Custom Chinese Language Class

Our Chinese language classes can be customized to meet your company’s particular language training goals. Whether you stick with the basics or progress to more advanced levels, language lessons enable you to better communicate with your Chinese counterparts. Speaking just a little Chinese goes a long way towards establishing good will while building a business relationship with Chinese partners.

Chinese Business Culture & Etiquette Workshops

Chinese business practices are very different from Western business practices. To better understand Chinese business partners and to avoid cross-cultural misunderstandings, it is essential to learn the basics about Chinese business culture. China Institute’s Business Culture & Etiquette Workshops cover topics such as building business relationships, rank and seniority in China, gift giving, banquet protocols and survival language skills. Our workshops also introduce Chinese history and ethics, to provide context for understanding the unique way that Chinese conduct business. All of our workshops can be customized for content and duration to meet your company’s needs.

A Story of Chinese Culture through Holidays

Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese Valentine’s Day; Chinese holidays maintain traditions while integrating contemporary practices. Some holidays bring thousands of years of history and continue to hold great significance within China and among Chinese ex-pat communities. This engaging, illustrated workshop provides a colorful picture of Chinese culture through its lively holidays, rich in art and literature references, cultural significance and symbolism, and current interpretations. This is an excellent course for companies and individuals in Marketing, Communications, PR, Hospitality, Retail or the Service industry, as well as any individual or groups curious about Chinese culture.

For more information about the Custom Corporate Training Program, please contact our Director of Corporate Engagement, Bin Wu, email: