Our Team


Bin Wu

Founder and President

After working in the museums and higher education institutions both in China and the United States, Ms. Wu is now an internationally recognized scholar and practitioner in the fields of art education and museum community engagement. A current doctoral candidate at Columbia University and the Member-at-large of the Curators Committee of American Alliance of Museums. Ms. Wu devotes to lead WE Cultural Exchange Institute

to work as a bridge to connect various communities and


BaoHong Yan

Vice President

Ms. Yan is a well-known dance educator both in the United States and China. She started her career as a dance educator in the early 1990s and got the highest level of a Yoga teaching certificate in China in 2000. After moving to the United States in 2009, Ms. Yan is devoted to community education and dance & yoga education.


Erika Chen

Vice President and Director of Development

Erika Chen, a Philadelphia-based real estate investor, originally was from an ethnic minority community in Guizhou, China. Ms. Chen got her BA in design in the 90's.


John Thompson

Director of Music

John Thompson, the best-known performer of early music for the Chinese guqin zither, has since 1976 reconstructed over 200 melodies from 15th to 17th century sources and given numerous solo performances worldwide. His website, www.silkqin.com, the most comprehensive source of information on this subject, receives thousands of hits daily. In 2019 a two-hour documentary about his guqin work was released.

jeanne jaffe.jpg

Jeanne Jaffe

Director of Art

Jeanne Jaffe is a multi-disciplinary artist who is Professor Emeritus of Interdisciplinary Fine Arts at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and is a visiting artist at Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts in China. Her work has been shown both nationally and internationally.

DR. Lee .jpeg

John H Lee

Senior Advisor

Dr. H Lee, Founder and Director of the United Fellowship of Martial Artists, is a martial art practitioner and master instructor. He has extensive work experience world-widely.