桃花源 The Peach Blossom Utopia

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

The Peach Blossom Spring was a fable written by #Tao Yuanming (365?–427) about an ethereal utopia where the people lead an ideal existence in harmony with nature and enjoy the freedom. After 1,600 years, it is in 2020 when turmoil and sadness sweep across the globe. The Ikebana represents the mourning of the family and the community's loss and the longing for peace and harmony. 《桃花源记》是陶渊明(365?–427) 对安宁和乐、自由平等的理想国的向往。1600年后,在2020年的这一年里,在一片混乱和哀痛中,以此插花寄托哀思,惟愿花好月圆,国泰民安

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